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Washington Refugee Resettlement Project Mission

When we welcome and help resettle refugees, we provide lifesaving support to our newest neighbors and, at the same time, strengthen our communities by uniting

around a common cause.

About IRIS Community Co-Sponsorship

Co-sponsorship is a shared commitment between IRIS and a community group to assist a refugee family to resettle in our community and become self-sufficient.

Co-sponsors secure affordable housing, collect furniture and other household items, and help refugees access public benefits (HUSKY/Medicaid, SNAP/food stamps, and TFA/cash assistance for eligible families). Co-sponsors also enroll children in school, facilitate job searches, and perform other necessary tasks. IRIS looks forward to partnering with your community group in the tremendous mission of refugee resettlement!

There are 40 IRIS co-sponsorship organizations to date, including New Milford Refugee Resettlement, Danbury Area Refugee Assistance, Interfaith Partnership for Refugee Resettlement (Newtown), Congregational Church of Brookfield.



“IRIS is honored to play a central role in welcoming even more Afghan families to Connecticut. These newly arriving Afghan families sought democracy in their homeland, sought to educate their daughters, just like US families, and because of those ideals were no longer safe in their own country. 

They’ll be safe here; they’ll be welcomed with open arms and they will make our state stronger.”

— Chris George, IRIS Executive Director

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